Temporary Insurance

Most people make many changes in their lives that can affect many different things. One of the things that change can affect is a person’s health insurance coverage. Some of the situations that can cause a change in your health insurance coverage are graduating college, or changing your full-time student status, changing jobs, or waiting for group coverage to begin. All of these instances will cause the health insurance that you are currently using to be lost. With rising health insurance costs the loss of health insurance coverage can be devastating for a family. No matter how healthy you are, you never know when you might get sick and need to see the doctor. Or even if you do not get sick, there is always a chance that you might be involved in any sort of accident that causes you to seek medical attention. It is not a good idea to tempt fate by allowing a gap in your health insurance coverage. The best plan is to find any short term insurance coverage that you can use until your full health insurance coverage is available again.

Short term insurance usually covers you anywhere from one mo to one year. If you need to have health insurance longer than a year, then most of the time you can change your coverage over from short term insurance to full health insurance coverage. However you will need to check with the company that is offering you the short term insurance to see if it is possible to roll that coverage into another plan if you need coverage for longer than one year. Short term insurance coverage is usually not as comprehensive as normal health insurance coverage is, because it is geared more for accidental coverage than full medical coverage. However this usually means that you will be paying quite a bit less for this coverage than your normal health insurance. You can not afford to take a chance going any length of time without insurance coverage, so paying a little bit of money for short term insurance is well worth it.

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