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In the market for a home owner insurance quote in Pennsylvania? While getting the quote may seem like the less painful step of the entire process – hey, quotes are free, right? – you actually need to do a bit of serious thinking before you just hop on the Internet or pick up the yellow pages to find Pennsylvania home owner insurance companies.

Your Home

Home owner insurance companies are going to ask for specific information about your home. Be prepared to give them the exact square footage of your Pennsylvanian home, as well as a description of the home – both inside and out. Include in your description safety features of your home, such as anti-theft devices, smoke alarms, and deadbolt locks. It is also wise to take pictures of your home.

Your Neighborhood

Pennsylvania home owner insurance companies like to know how close, or distant, a policyholder lives from help. You may be asked how close you are to the nearest fire department. This is important because the quicker the firefighters can get to your burning home, the better.

Some companies may also want to know how close you are to the nearest police station. This makes sense because they need to arrive in time to prevent, or catch, a possible burglar or arsonist from robbing you or setting fire to your home.

Coverage and Limits

How much coverage, and limits, would you like on your Pennsylvania home owner insurance quote? You obviously know you want to be covered, but how much coverage is enough? What kinds of limits are you comfortable with?

These questions are tricky for the average home owner who has not studied the home owner insurance business, and the answers vary from company to company, and even from policy to policy.

Once your insurance agent has a clear representation of your home and neighborhood, the two of you can then tackle the issues of coverage and limits.

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