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It is just as important for Texans to have adequate home owner insurance policies as it is for everyone else in the country; actually, it is even extra important for Texans because the state is so close to the southern most part of America. Hurricanes, high winds – it’s all there, and it’s all waiting to make itself at home right in your neighborhood, your front yard, your own home…

That is why now is the time to start choosing a Texas home owner insurance company before hurricane season is in full swing. Choosing an insurance company in Texas is important because a company located in Texas is more likely to be able to legally do insurance business in Texas. If an insurance company is licensed to do business in Texas, the Texas Department of Insurance is able to step in and help you should you ever have complaints or problems with your coverage or other aspects of your policy that your Texas home owner insurance company has refused, or has not been able, to address.

Plus, it shows the insurance company in question really cares about protecting Texans and their homes if it takes the initiative to get licensed in Texas.

Aside from choosing a home owner insurance company licensed to sell home owner insurance in Texas, you should check out the financial rating of the insurance company which will tell you how financially strong the Texas insurance company is, and put to ease any concerns about the company’s ability to properly compensate you should you ever file a complaint.

Remember to check out complaints that have been filed against the Texas home owner insurance company. You can find this kind of information from the Texas Department of Insurance, the Better Business Bureau, and perhaps even the company itself. Look for patterns in complaints, and find out how – if at all – the complaints were handled to the satisfaction of the policyholder.

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