As one wishes to market with the social media optimization, there are some considerations that he or she is supposed to keep in mind. This is because one cannot just wake up and decides to join to the social media without some principles to guide and also hiring professionals like Heaven Mark will help you achieving the best results. One is that he or she should keep in mind that the process is very competitive since there are other business enterprises which are doing the same to make sure that their business enterprises are still the best and of more customers from the whole world. Since the program is very competitive, one should use the proper, the available and the sensible means to make his or her firm enterprise the best. This will be clearly achieved by the business people strictly following the instructions delivered to them. People should also be keen to know the type of competition being exercised by the fellow competitors if it is fair or unfair and if the competitors are also fair or unfair like those using the unworthy means of corruption to attain the popularity. Apart from competition, one should know that the process is very fast and so before him or her posting the advertisement on the internet, he or she should be having the stock of the order already stand by since with the immediate effect one may acquire the market and when he or she does not deliver the order or even delays the order, there are some implication to before him or her or even his or her business enterprise and this may lead to the collapsing of the firm and the failure of the business eventually. This makes marketing very important whether you intend on marketing online or using traditional techniques.